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Our Toolbox Team delivers professionally customized Products and Services to fit your needs.

What's in our Toolbox?


Each ToolBox Team Member adds value by combining his or her unique past experiences. Some individuals at Nerd Toolbox have acquired 30+ years of valuable lessons learned while performing business activities. We combine our experience to provide solutions that meet complex business requirements.

Advanced Tools

Our Team develops and uses a multitude of proprietary, commercial, and open source tools that ranges between using a simple pen to developing Expert Advisors (EAs) bots for automated Foreign Exchange (FX) trading. Our Team's combined resources allows us to provide successful delivery of our products and services.

Plenty of Nerds

We are expanding our group of Nerds to completely dominate the world. Well, not really, but it is for sure one of the keys to our success. Some Nerds here are seasonal, on-call, or work full-time. If you are interested in joining, contact us with your experience, interest, availability, and salary expectations by visiting here.

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  • Logistics
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